Zimbabwe’s President Orders Reappointment Of 2,000 Ghost Workers

President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has ordered the reappointment of more than 2,000 youths who were struck off the government payroll following an audit report which unearthed the existence of ghost workers.


According to Zimbabwe Observer, the youths were part of the more than 75,000 ghost workers who were exposed by the payroll and skills audit carried out by Ernst and Young in 2011 as government tried to deal with a ballooning pay bill, which was taking almost 80 percent of its budget.

Mugabe, speaking at a youth interface rally in Chinhoyi, ordered that the names of the youths, be reinstated, arguing that cabinet had not okayed the “retrenchments”.

He said: “Now I hear that some youths who were working in government were fired. We were not told about it.
“Please, reinstate those youths. We never, never agreed on the issue of expelling so many youths, 2 000 of them. Please, whether it is the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Labour, please stop it.”

According to him, the economy was recovering and it was not the right time for the youths to be expelled.

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