Youths Cook, Swim In Muddy Water To Raise Awareness About Terrible State Of A Road

Youths in Imo state have staged a drama to raise awareness about the terrible state of a road in the state.


The Nekede-Ihiagwa road has been a cause of concern to residents for months. To cause the government to act, youths did a photoshoot on the terrible road.

In photos from the scene, the youths are seen cooking in the middle of muddy water and swimming in the muddy water on the road.


Before President Muhammadu Buhari visited Imo State in Spetember this year, it was claimed the Nekede-Ihiagwa road is one of the roads that will be commissioned by the president alongside other projects.


However, photos show the road is still in a terrible state and members of the community are trying to raise awareness in the way they can.

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