You May Be Laughed At Today But Don’t Give Up – Nigerian Pastor Shares Photos From His Humble Beginnings

Akwa Ibom pastor, Ab Isong, on Wednesday, July 6, shared words of encouragement alongside photos from his humble beginning.

He wrote;

“LET ME ENCOURAGE YOU TODAY! We didn’t get here just by faith. It happened through a process of time! Give yourself time!.”

You may be laughed at today. No one may believe in you. Don’t give up. Just be consistent and focus at your place of primary assignment. Time will make you credible!


You see time, Don’t joke with it. Even God made everything beautiful in His time! Over time I have seen people metamorphose into Kings, Queens, Business tycoons, Honorables, etc.


While walking in your time, Build relationships with those marking time with you. No matter how talented and endowed you are, you’ll need somebody someday to help give you a little push.


Time and Chance happeneth to them all. A man who is ashamed of his background has no future. Don’t waste time laughing at these photos. Just keep quiet and keep pushing!.

You may be laughed at today but donYou may be laughed at today but don


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