You Could Book 2face For Just N60,000 With Us – Dayo Adeneye Of Kennis Music

In an interview with Premiumtimes, media mogul Dayo Adeneye spoke on the difficult journey and challenges that led to his rise in the media world to the point of signing one of Nigeria’s biggest music star, 2face. Dayo Adeneye also revealed how his first wife left him cos he was broke due to his dedication to his passion.
Excerpt from the interview below.
My father was upset that I returned from America and chose to do music at the time music was regarded as a job fit for dropouts alone. When Kenny Ogungbe and I started working at Raypower and I was paid N17, 000 a month. We were doing what we enjoyed doing and at some point Kenny and I didn’t even know we were being owed 7months. My wife left me and took the kids to America.
We were charging N60, 000 for anyone to book 2face we thought we had arrived. At the time we started, the late Afrobeat legend, Fela was being paid N25, 000 per show; he was the highest paid Nigerian artiste. These days some Nigerian artistes even charge N15m per show.
One day I woke up and realised that my salary is 17,000 a month. The seven years I worked at Ray Power were my happiest moments but I was so broke. I sold all my four cars and was left with 1 car at the end of the day. I even moved from a 3 bedroom to a one bedroom in Ebute Metta. My first wife left me because I was broke. I didn’t even realize that I was broke until my dad came a certain day and said he needed money.
I told him I have not been paid. I told him I was being owed 7 months salary he asked me to go resign. I told him it was difficult because I was the director of marketing. I felt I was already a star I didn’t know my blessings was just around the corner. Ben Bruce called Kenny and I three months after and then gave us primetime belt- 8pm to host our show. We made so much money that in three months we bought a Hummer and Range Rover landed shortly after.
I worked for Raypower for 7 years and I didn’t have a day off. I didn’t know until I quit. And when I did, I slept for three months. But we enjoyed working there. We were just two young men having fun and setting foundation for Kennis Music and Primetime Africa. If, I never left America with Kenny I won’t have been here today. If I weren’t kicked out of Raypower I wouldn’t have founded Kennis Music and Primetime Africa.

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