Woman Hold Fakes Wedding With A ‘Groom’ And Photographer To Get ‘Revenge’ On Ex

A woman admitted she faked her own wedding, complete with a “groom”, in order to get revenge on her ex.


Sarah Vilard shared the crazy plot on her TikTok where she showed fans a series of snaps from the fake wedding photoshoot.


Sarah, who also has Instagram, captioned the post: “Yup I’m crazy.”


She wrote in the clip: “Remembering the time when I faked getting married and had a photoshoot to get revenge on my ex.”


Woman hold fakes wedding with a



Not only did she dress in a wedding gown and carry a flower, she also got a fake groom, fake bridesmaid, and posed in a venue decorated to look like they were in the venue for the big day.


Woman hold fakes wedding with a


Followers were curious to know if her plot worked on her ex.


One follower asked her: “But did he text you?”


Sarah said that he did.


She responded: “I’ll share screenshots of what he said.”


Woman hold fakes wedding with a


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