Why Presidential Broadcast Was Illegal – Abuja Lawyer

An Abuja based human rights lawyer, Hamid Ajibola Jimoh has declared that President Muhammadu Buhari committed illegality by addressing Nigerians.

Buhari spoke to Nigerians on Monday, two days after he arrived in Abuja from his prolonged medical vacation.

Reacting, the legal practitioner said the broadcast was in breach of Section 145 (1) of the Constitution, which stipulates a transmission of letter to the National Assembly before the president carries on with his duties.

He declared the broadcast “invalid, null and void”, insisting that as at the point Buhari gave his speech, the legislature had not been formally notified of his return.

“I am of the view that the President should apologise to Nigerians for contravening the provision of the Constitution if it is not a deliberate act. Law is different from morality, emotion or politics.

“After that, the president may now address the nation properly according to law now that he has transmitted a letter of written declaration to the National Assembly.

“The principle of rule of law and constitutionalism is that everybody must be bound by the law. It is the supreme law. If we just close eyes on him we may be laying a bad precedent where any other person will just disregard the law. Of what use is law when they are not obeyed?

“Anything the President did prior to the transmission of the written declaration is null and void. The president, by the provisions of Section 24 of the Constitution is duty bound to abide by the Constitution,” Daily Trust quoted him as saying.

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  1. This is a typical Nigerian Charge and Bail lawyer talking. Which of laws in Nigeria that stipulates that an address by a sitting president of a nation is constitutionally illegal .
    Agreed. The president, by the provisions of Section 24 of the Constitution is duty bound to abide by the Constitution,” Are the NA complaining. You cannot be a sympathizer who weep more than the bereaved family. So what is headache. Why not go to the High court to challenge the broadcast.
    Unfortunately as a typical confused lawyer, appropriating to yourself the power as a prosecutor and also a Judge in you r own case by declaring the broadcast “invalid, null and void”, on the media. This is what they taught you in law school.
    I believe you don’t have a job at the moment. You are just being used by criminal politicians and treasury looters in PDP who are guess to EFCC ghetto.

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