What You Don’t Know About Uchenna Precious Onwuamadike, Wife of Billionaire Kidnapper Evans

People heard about kidnapper Evan’s wife and five children after he was captured and she claimed that the truth about his activities was news to her, too. The audience seemed to have no idea about her existence and now, when Evans is finally caught, her personality becomes more and more interesting to people. Who is she, the wife and mother of his children?.

Evans Wife;

Evan’s wife’s name is Uchenna Precious Onwuamadike. She’s 31, she has five children born by the “billionaire” kidnapper, and she has been by his side since the age of 17. She keeps on saying that through all the years her husband has been engaged in the illegal activities, she did not know anything about his evil side. The very first time she got in touch with the public was when she tried to reach out and called the crime editor of a big Nigerian mass media. She called from Ghana where she was at that moment and said who she was. She asked the editor to return the call because she did not have enough money on her airtime balance. The editor believed her and called her back. During the talk, Precious explained some details about herself, her husband, their family, and her attitude towards his activities. The main goal of her call was to reach out to the audience, to the people who could influence her husband’s fate and the ones who suffered from his actions. Precious, from her words, met Evans (Chukwudi Onuamadike) when she was a school student. She was in class 6, returning from her classes when she met him. Having got to know the man, Precious agreed to go with him. She was very poor, young and naïve, and agreed to follow him as a wife.

Evans told her of his experience to her and clarified how his mom had experienced his dad who insulted her, undermined her, and later tossed her out of his home together with the siblings. Likely, this was Precious’ endeavor to demonstrate how much enduring Evans had officially taken in his life and, perhaps, it was additionally a clarification to all his heedless deeds. After Precious and Evans got hitched, the spouse chose and told his young wife that it was better for her to remain with his mom in a remote town. The objective of this staying was, purportedly, his longing to make a decent housewife out of her. She concurred and remained with his mom for a long time before Evans chose to move to Lagos. In 2006, the family moved to the enormous city however they didn’t remain there for over a year. Following a time of living in poor conditions, Evans couldn’t pay every one of his bills and was compelled to stop his brilliant plans for what’s to come. He needed to move the family back to the town where they could survive either way.

After three years more in the village, Evans moved his wife and children to Ghana where they stayed, as Precious said, lived a normal life until Evans was captured. He used to depart to Nigeria but never told Precious about his trips and his business. Only once he returned with some money and in a bad mood, telling that the customs deprived him of a lot of goods. This money helped Precious and children survive because she just gave birth to another baby and needed to pay for everything: for utilities, for the hospital, for food, and for other everyday necessities. In a while, being unable to pay on her own and have not heard from Evans for a long time, Precious called him and complained and accused him of infidelity. He ordered her to either stay or come to Lagos but wait for more. On the day Evan was caught, Precious and children went to Ghana because of her blood pressure issues.

That same day she got to know that her husband was arrested. Precious said, the entire thing was a stun to her. She read about his arrest in daily papers and crumbled. After a while disclose to her kids about what had happened to their dad and they were stunned similarly. A few of Precious’ appearances in broad daylight were her pleading to the country, She was crying and asking those individuals who had experienced Evans’ activities to show kindness and please pardon him and his underhanded deeds. She promised that all the money taken from his victims would be given back again if only all those people would forgive him and reduce the accusation. In spite of her begging and in spite of the pictures with crying children that have become available in mass media, people seemed to be reluctant to believe her and, what’s more, to forgive her husband. Even the fact that Evans has cancer has not melt their hearts. At present, the things look like Evans is not going to be let go no matter how hard and desperate his wife’s efforts are. Precious’ relatives are not going to interfere anyway. They are offended by her behavior and seem to be rather unwilling to revive their relationship with the kidnapper’s wife.

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