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‘What God Told Me About 2019 Election’ – Nigerian Prophet, Sam Olu Reveals

The founder of Christ Apostolic Church Adamimogo Outreach, Prophet Sam Olu Alo has declared that Nigerians should not expect that 2019 presidential election in the country would usher in the Messiah they have been longing for.

Prophet Olu Alo declared this while ministering in the early hours of last Saturday at a four-day open air crusade themed ‘deliverance from the battle of blood’ held at a branch of the outreach (Power House) at Ogombo, Ajah Lagos.

The Prophet, who is also the minister in-charge of the CAC Mount of Mercy prayer mountain, Erio-Ekiti, said God told him that the election would not produce the Messiah that would bring an end to the troubles facing the country, but it would be a significant step to a positive reorganisation and betterment to come.

“God said to me that Nigeria 2019 presidential election will not produce the Messiah that will put an end to the troubles and challenges facing the country, but it will be a significant step to a positive reorganisation and betterment to come”, he said.

-Omo Edema

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  1. I wonder why media houses will put up anything to mean prophecy because what he is saying has long be penned down for us to read and get the sense of it. To me this man is just thinking that the country will not produce a messiah we are hoping for. This is true because the true messiah to help salvage men from the troubles we have is Jesus Christ from Jehovah God. He has been appionted to do this long ago and at the appropriate time, he will take over the rulership from men and all these kingdoms we have today will be wiped off – Daniel 2:44. It is only God’s government (kingdom) by means of His son Jesus Christ that will stand to times indefinite whether we like it or not. Don’t ask me what do we do before Jesus Christ takes over because even without elections, we will still rule ourselves by what means God will use to manipulate the affairs of men on earth to enable His son take over just like it happened in the times of Medo-Persian, Roman, Egyptian, Greece, Babylon and many other world powers when Isreal was ruled directly by God. God manipulated the affairs of world rulers then to enable Isreal have their rulership in place and well protected

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