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Watch The Moment Two Armed Robbers Were Shot Dead After Storming A House. (Video)

Two armed robbery suspects were shot dead by private security officers during a house operation.

The two men were killed in a shoot-out at a house robbery in Windsor Avenue, Umhlanga Ridge, South Africa.

Five suspects armed with handguns and two rifles wrecked a driveway gate before storming into the house. Other security officers were notified of a white Mercedes-Benz which was their getaway car.

Shortly after this, a report was received for an attempted house robbery in Savell Avenue.

“Marshall Security armed reaction officers responded and information ascertained was that a White Mercedes Benz with five armed suspects confronted the female homeowner before fleeing the scene,” Marshall Security said.

When they arrived at the house, they were confronted by a suspect armed with an AK47 assault rifle who opened fire on our team.

“In defence of their lives, the officers returned fire and a shootout ensued. The suspect’s accomplices alighted from the building, one of them armed with an R-5 assault rifle, others with pistols, returning fire.

A suspect armed with an AK47 was fatally wounded on scene whilst his accomplices fled in a Mercedes-Benz getaway vehicle.

The vehicle was later found abandoned in the Redhill cemetery grounds.

The body of a male suspect was found on the back seat having suffered fatal gunshot wounds,” the security company said.

Watch videos below;

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