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WATCH: Mexican Mother Whose 19-Year-Old Daughter Was Killed Delivers A Moving Speech As She Opposes Femicide

A mother who lost her 19-year-old daughter to femicide in Mexico delivered a powerful speech that’s going viral.


In the video, the bereaved mother is seen expressing her outrage at the killing of women that occurs daily all over the world.


She said in the video: “If you see me wearing black, if I’m too radical, if I burn and smash things, and if I make a goddamn mess in this city, what’s your goddamned problem with that?”

She added: “My daughter was murdered. I’m not part of an activist group. I don’t need a drum nor a goddamn political party to represent me. I represent myself, and without a microphone.


“I’m a mother whose daughter was murdered. And yes, I’m an empowered mother and a feminist and I’ve had enough of this bullshit.


“I have every right to burn and smash things. I’m not going to ask for anyone’s permission because I’m smashing things for my daughter.”


She continued: “Before they murdered my daughter, they murdered many other women. And what were we all doing? Crying and sewing from the comfort of our homes. Well, that’s over now. We already broke the silence and we won’t let them make a damn circus out of our pain”


She added that since the death of her daughter, more women have been killed, yet, the crimes have gone unsolved.


She said: “Every single day they murder one, another, and another. I haven’t been able to solve my daughter’s case and I’ve already seen 10, 100, 1,000 new cases.”


Watch the video below.


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