Update On Enugu Attack: The Untold Story About Enugu Nimbo Terrorist Attack!!

So many atrocities are being perpetrated in Biafraland without media coverage to draw government’s attention  and on most cases these atrocities are being reported with facts or truth twisted to suit some parts of the ethnic divide in Nigeria. Hausa-Fulani herdsmen masquerading as cow rearers which was rated the fourth world most dangerous terror group has been on rampage, invading farmlands in the rural communities and destroying farm products with impunity. Nimbo is a border town between Southern Nigeria and Northern Nigeria with seven villages namely; Ekwuru, Nimbo-Ngwoko, Ugwuijoro, Ebor, Enugu-Nimbo, Umuome and Ugwuachara. Sometime in April 2016, misunderstanding ensued between farmers in Nimbo and Fulani herdsmen when the herdsmen invaded their farms with cows and destroyed farm produce mercilessly. One thing led to another and a good number of Fulani herdsmen after some days invaded the village communities and embarked on a killing spree.

Many innocent citizens lost their lives while many sustained various degrees of life threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital for medical treatment. There were unwarranted and wanton destruction of properties like residential houses, cars and churches, leaving many homeless. Biafrans in Nimbo were meted with this calamitous incident with little outrage from both state and federal governments. When the news broke with death toll on the increase like fourty (40) people as reported, the state governor hurriedly went to the communities and cried wolf after which he declared three days fasting and prayers for the good people of Enugu state as they mourn their dead. Some days later, the state governor was seen having a presidential handshake with the Fulani president of Nigeria with smile on their faces.

These are people supposedly mourning their subjects that were butchered for no justifiable reason. But the most annoying part of it all was that till date non of those that perpetuated that heinous crime have been arrested or prosecuted by both the state and federal government. And my question is ” Who murdered justice in Nigeria”? No justice of any sort were given to the dead and the injured. No reparation of any sort were paid to the families of the deceased. And I ask again ” Who murdered justice in Nigeria”? Undoubtedly, those killers were Fulani militia who are heavily backed and sponsored by the Nigerian government with the state government as accomplice. The Fulani invaders have continued the wanton and unwarranted butchery of Biafrans and other innocent citizens with the government indirectly aiding and abetting their atrocious crimes with their conspiracy of silence.

However, just recently, on 6th of August 2017, another terror attack was unleashed on Biafrans in Ozubulu, Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra state where scores were shot at on Sunday morning during church service which led to the untimely death of not less than fifteen worshipers including men, women and children. Few hours after these innocent Biafrans were hacked to death, the governor of Anambra state issued a press statement tagging the unfortunate terror attack as being orchestrated as a result of feud between brothers from the community who were drug barons in far away South Africa. Meanwhile, the statement of the state police commissioner, as in their preliminary investigation, collaborated with the narratives of the state governor. Even in Western world with sophisticated technical investigation equipment can not be quick in drawing conclusion to an incident of such magnitude.

However, the killing of Biafrans in Ozubulu took place few weeks after the hateful song by Hausa people went viral and the singers ordered the mass killing of Biafrans because to them, Biafrans are infidel that don’t deserve to live. And let me ask, since the release of that genocidal song, have those behind it been arrested and prosecuted? Is the Bishop that was accused of being the target a spirit that can not be targeted outside the church or better still be killed in his multi million mansion by setting it ablaze? Why the sporadic shooting in the church because of one man? This kind of crime is normally the making of a particular ethnic nationality in Nigeria who invaded a church and killed people on Christmas eve in their teasty for blood and to carry out their jihad. The Ozubulu massacre is synonymous to that event that took place up North that I just mentioned.

Hope the world is still taking note of the quit notice by the Arewa youth forum and the hateful song or are they feigning ignorance? The motive of Arewa youth is to instigate violence because the peaceful approach of Biafrans in their agitation is giving them( Arewa) sleepless night. The world should not take such a peaceful approach by Biafrans for granted or underestimate such approach. The human rights organisations should take necessary measures in making such that a forensic investigation is being carried out and evidence established so as to unveil the real perpetrators of the Ozubulu massacre because that unfortunate incident should not be swept under that carpet. The world bodies necessary in enforcing referendum should save humanity by urging the Nigerian government to set up modalities for a well internationally recognised and monitored referendum for Biafrans to decide their fate in the Nigerian project.


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