Ugandan Wife Bites Off Husband’s Genitals While Accusing Him Of Cheating | Photo

A man will no longer be able to have sex for the rest of his life after his wife bit his Penis off.


Asifa Nakagolo, 38, bit her husband, Bashir Mukaire’s penis off in an act of revenge after she found out he stayed overnight at his second wife’s house in Uganda.


Asifa, who is pregnant, sank her teeth into her husband’s penis after he returned from a night out in Bugweri District, Eastern Uganda on Wednesday, March 17.


She reportedly believed Bashir had been “cheating” on her with his second wife, who is also expecting a child.


Mr Mukaire, a father of nine, is now fighting for his life, police claim, after his penis “died off” before it could be re-attached.


The 45-year-old is believed to be suffering from a “major tear” to his “genitals”.


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He said: “My second wife is an expectant mother, the reason why I slept there and returned to Nakagolo in the morning. Upon seeing me, she charged and gnawed into my genitals causing a major tear.”


After the attack, a neighbour called an ambulance after telling the couple Mukaire would bleed to death if he doesn’t see a medic.


Mr. Suna, who is treating Mr Mukaire, said the 45-year-old will not “be able to have sex for the rest of his life.”


The medic added that he will also be “urinating via a catheter for the rest of his life.”


He said: “His penis can’t be re-attached because it ‘died off; so to speak before it could get to the hospital. This man will not be able to have sex for the rest of his life.


“This man will be urinating via a catheter for the rest of his life according to injuries he sustained.”


A spokesman for the Busoga East Police said the wife ran away after the incident and a hunt to find her has begun.

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