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Uganda Minister’s 2-Year-Old Twin Boys Drown In Swimming Pool

Uganda Minister for State Water Ronald Kibuule and his family has been thrown into mourning as his his twin sons drown in a swimming pool at their home, Monday.

The twins identified as Roman Kato and Raiding Wasswa drowned on Monday under the watch of two male minders and the exact circumstances behind the drowning remains unclear as CCTV cameras were turned off during the time of the occurence, the Daily monitor reported.

“Yes, they drowned in the swimming pool, but we do not know what exactly happened because at the time of the incident the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras were off,” said Mr Davis Lukyamuzi, an uncle of the minister.

The two male domestic servants have been held in custody by the Police for questioning. Mr Kibuule and his wife, Fortunate, were away. The guards at the palatial home said the kids were playing on the expansive compound and in the care of two male minders when they drowned.

Minister Kibuule was at the time of the incident reported to be in Kampala while his wife, Fortunate, had reportedly driven to pay workers at a construction site in Namataba, which is a few kilometres from home. They returned home in haste, and were visibly overcome by emotion and unable to speak on the tragedy. Hundreds of mourners, many wailing loudly, milled on the compound and dozens trudged with hurried steps to the home located in Mbalala.

One of the guards of the Uganda minister, speaking on condition of anonymity in order not to jeopardize ongoing investigations, said they were unaware about the presumed freak fatal accident until one of the minders yelled that “we are dead; the kids have drowned”.

Mukono District Police Commander, Mr Rogers Seguya, visited the home and inspected the swimming pool, which investigators are treating as a possible scene of crime.

Detectives, according to reports, will seek to establish whether the surveillance cameras had malfunctioned prior or failed only on the fateful day. They will also try to establish if the kids’ drowning was an accident or involved foul play.

According to reports, the children were laid to rest on Tuesday.

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