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‘Thank You All’ – Tope Alabi Appreciates Fans After ‘Oniduro Mi’ Saga

Tope Alabi is one of the most revered gospel singers in Nigeria. Photo: Instagram/Tope Alabi.

Gospel singer Tope Alabi has thanked her fans for their support and understanding during the saga that followed her criticism of counterpart Adeyinka Adesioye’s song ‘Oniduro Mi.’

Tope’s comment about the song had sharply divided opinions on social media. Although she has apologised for her stance, the Yoruba singer on Sunday prayed for her fans who stood by her in the past few days.

The songstress who recited a poem on her Instagram handle captioned the post, ‘Appreciation To Everyone.’

“I register my unreserved appreciation to you all for standing by and for me through the past week. The Lord will never leave us all in Jesus’ name,” she wrote. “Thank you all and may the good God bless you all in Jesus’ name.”



A Mother, Daughter Affair

Ms. Tope was captured in a viral video earlier in the month criticising Adesioye’s song which describes God as ‘My Guarantor,’ saying the word does not totally explain God’s nature.

“Look at the enormous things God has done and somebody now came out to say Oniduromi e seun. God is not my own guarantor. God is more than a guarantor. I also loved that song, but the day I wanted to sing it, the Holy Spirit said ‘shut up your mouth.’ This is not like saying a song is not good,” she said in the Yoruba language.

“When you receive a song in the spirit, there are some deliberations you must have with the Holy Spirit before releasing it to the public, otherwise, if you release it the way it comes, individuals will just be singing rubbish.”

The comment did not sit well with many of her fans and gospel music lovers, and led to a massive backlash of the singer.

But days later, she acknowledged her remarks about the song were wrong, apologised to Adesioye who is also called Alaseyori, and referred to her as “daughter.”

Gospel singer Adeyinka Adesioye. Credit: Instagram@ Adeyinka Adesioye


Unmoved by the criticism, Alaseyori in another viral video, described Tope Alabi as her ‘mother’ and sued for peace.

“Let Jesus take the wheel. Mummy Tope Alabi is our mother,” she said. “She’s a mother to me and so many others and by virtue, we have been blessed by her ministrations. Please, let us worship and celebrate God. Let Jesus be at the centre of it.”


In a post on her Instagram page, she wrote: “May we not pray and praise amiss. May we begin to tap into new realms of glory. May the gate of hell not prevail against the church. We receive help not to submit to the will of the flesh.”



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