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Tanzanian Man, Abdhalla Mwaisabila Kills Leopard Single-handedly Without Any Weapon

Some Tanzanians are advocating for the inclusion of a young man with dreadlock into the Guinness World Book of Records after he single-handedly killed a hostile leopard without the use of any weapon.

The 38-year-old man identified as Abdhalla Mwaisabila is reported as saying that he had stepped out to fetch firewood when he bumped into the carnivorous animal which swiftly attacked him and he fell on the ground.

Surprisingly, Mwaisabila told in an interview that he managed to overturn the leopard which had already started devouring one of his arms, and fast aiming at his neck.

Coincidentally and fortunately for the victim, he got hold of a small piece of firewood on the ground which he reportedly hit the wild animal with, and eventually overpowered it.

The incident, according to, occurred on Saturday, November 3, and left the victim with minor injuries which were dealt with at the hospital.

Out of both terror and anger, Mwaisabila reportedly disfigured the leopard to the extent that no use could be made of it. It was subsequently burnt and buried.


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