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“Stop Pressuring Your Fans” – Gifty Powers Warns Fellow Celebrities Who Are Aggressively Buying New Cars

Nigerian reality star, Gifty Powers,  has reacted to the growing trend with public display of wealth by celebrities, and she has warned them to stop putting pressure on fans.


The BBNaija star specifically frowned on the recent fascination and urge to buy new cars, and she pleaded with them to keep it calm.

Her post reads ;

It’s actually funny when people buy cars and still make it sound like na only dem wet sabi fit cross that path unto buying such cars. Make una calm down biko. Y’all should stop pressuring your fans. If care is not taken sef, they could be Illuminati agents because as e be so, I ain’t trusting no niggers. Smh.
Every car you see, is on credit. Whether you be musician o, actor o, singer o, kafachan o, all na credit.
The good part is every month you can pay it as little as you can afford (depends on you and the car seller tho).
Even if you’ve got the money to buy it at once, just know na yourself dey invite the FBI, because las las we all go know wenti dey ground because IG is a community on its own. Lol.
So Whether RR or Benz or limo or undertaker or heaven car or one car door, all na under credit. Periodwin
FIY: I ain’t beefing no one, I’ve just had it to my vocal cords



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