“Sen Misau Please Leave Okiro, Idris Alone” – SDI

Members of the Salvage for Development Ini­tiative (SDI) have asked Senator Isah Hamma Misau to think twice on his corruption allegations against the incumbent Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mr. Ibrahim Idris and the Chair­man of the Police Service Commission (PSC), Sir Mike Okiro.

The group appealed to Mis­au to go back to the police and clear himself to save the Na­tional Assembly from unnec­essary embarrassment.

Leave Okiro, Idris alone, SDI urges Sen Misau

In a statement, in Abuja on Tuesday, SDI Ex­ecutive Director, Mr. Abdul­lateef Sanni and the National Secretary, Gafar Temitayo, de­ployed the brickbats between Misau, Okiro, and Idris, over allegations of corrupt prac­tices and the IGP’s counter al­legations of forgery and deser­tion against the lawmaker.

Sanni said that SDI would have looked the other way if Misau had not included Okiro in his attack.

According to him, Misau al­legation that Idris makes N10 billion monthly, and by exten­sion, N120 billion yearly from posting and promotion of po­lice commissioners and use of the police by corporate orga­nizations and highly placed individuals across the country without concrete evidence is laughable..

SDI recalled that Okiro was appointed head of the police when the then ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had security challenges, not as a police officer, because he had retired in 2009.

He said that Okiro car­ried out the exercise without blemishes, adding that “this was prior to his appointment as Chairman, Police Service Commission in 2013.”

Sanni said that it was shock­ing for the lawmaker to bran­dish a purported letter of re­tirement issued by the PSC in 2014, “yet he contested the 2011 election as a Senator for Bauchi Central Senato­rial District under the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), which he lost.

He said: “Let him explain the disparity in the date of his purported retirement and his contesting a senatorial seat in the 2011. Let him also explain how he managed to contest for the elected office while still in the Nigeria Police.

His name while in ser­vice, according to the police spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, was Mohammed Isa Hamma, with police number AP No. 57300, Deputy Superintendent of Police. How and when did he become Isah Hamma Mis­au? Sanni queried

“Senator Misau was aide-de-camp (ADC) to three ministers of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), (Modibo, Aliero and Bala Mohammed) from March 2017 to 2010 during which he acquired several landed prop­erties, especially, in the nation’s capital.

“DSP Mohammed Isah Hamma (Senator Hamma Isah Misau) was sent on Ju­nior Command Course (JCC) 49/2008 between January 5, 2009 and June 19, 2009 to Jos, Plateau State but he refused to go, because of his juicy ap­pointment as ADC,” he said.

Sanni alleged that police sources confirmed that the then DSP, now senator sent emissaries to Okiro, to appeal to him for promotion, but was turned down and queried to explain why he refused to at­tend the course.

“These are his grudges against the person of Okiro, who was only carrying out his constitutional duties as the police boss then and which ex­plains why he is dragging the integrity and good name of the PSC boos in the mud,” he said.

SDI is a non-governmental organisation, which plays a key role in the fight against corrup­tion in Nigeria.

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