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Royal Salt Unveils Mercy Johnson As Mr. Chef’s Brand Ambassador

Royal Salt Limited, Nigeria’s biggest producers of industrial and domestic salt which includes the popular Mr. Chef iodized salt, recently signed Mercy Johnson as its ambassador to help drive the importance of Iodine in our diet and position the Mr. Chef brand as a strong supporter of the healthy lifestyle.

One of the directors of Royal Salt, Chief Reggie Uduhiri said: “As the number one salt brand in Nigeria, Mercy Johnson is the ideal personality that encapsulates what the Mr. Chef brand stands for today; she is a homemaker, a good mother and wife and a prolific actress that appeals to almost everyone, giving us joy and entertainment.” She is better suited to help us spread the message to Nigerians on the joy Mr. Chef brings to homes beyond adding taste to life.

Honorable Lawal, another director of Royal Salt said: “We are pleased to be joined by the exceptional Mercy Johnson. She is the person we have been looking forward to partner with for some time due to her story, her values, and appealing personality.” We are glad to have reached an agreement with her.

For us at Mr. Chef, we believe our customers always come before everything else. Therefore, we have decided to make it a priority to share the essential nature of our product with our patrons and the public. We hope the amazing Mercy Johnson will be able to greatly assist us with using her platform to tell the Mr. Chef story.

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