Report Anyone Selling Anything with My Picture or My Wife’s Picture to the Police – Pastor E.A. Adeboye

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the G.O of RCCG, has warned people using his pictures and those of his wife, for various souvenirs being sold across the country to desist from such act as he is not God. .

According to a report by TheNation, Adeboye, on Friday, said: “It has been brought to my notice that people are using my picture and that of my wife on key holders, calendars, books and other souvenirs. .

This is wrong and anyone found with such materials should be arrested and reported to the police. I am not God. I did not send them. I have nothing to do with those materials. I am an ordinary man of God. .
God will never share his glory with any man. I am not ready to die. Devil, I am not ready to go. If at any time, God is sensing that a man is trying to share his glory, the man is dead.

If you find anyone selling anything whatsoever with my picture or my wife’s, report them to the police immediately.”

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