President Buhari’s Visit: Man Recounts His Ordeal In Lagos

A Nigerian man @WaleSucre, took to Twitter to recount his ordeal today(29-03-2018) following President Buhari’s visit to Lagos, which crippled activities in the state.

According to man, the Police officers in the State stopped people from using the pedestrian bridge, because President Buhari was scheduled to pass through it. A lady who tried protesting, was reportedly assaulted by the Police Officers.

Here’s @walesucre’s tweets about President Buhari’s visit to Lagos;

these policemen & lastma are literally telling people not to take the pedestrian bridge just because the president of the country wants to pass through… people are literally waiting..been here for 15mins and it’s all stand still.. under this scorching sun for God sake

Few minutes later, this happened…… Just because she protested that why are they not allowed to take the pedestrian bridge…. #3MB

And this…….. . The guys kept asking, “what was there offense” they kept asking while being harassed and bundled into the “LGSC car”. Little did i know………

Little did i know…that i was also gonna get arrested, harassed, and treated like a thief…asking why i always holding my phone. My friend @sheyi_pencilz who was with me didn’t even know i was being carried away.. Somehow I was calm through the whole ordeal..till I was freed

I’ve had encounters with law enforcement agencies several times..but this left me in a very sad so Sad right now… Like “who exactly is the enemy here” My leader is being protected from me??? This is the height of it

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