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Popular Pastor Impregnates Member 2 Years After Getting Private Jet As Birthday Gift From Church

A Toronto-based Ghanaian man of God who is married and was gifted a private jet by his church members about two years ago has been involved in a paternity case following allegations that he fathered a child with his former congregant.

Martin Kofi Danso, the founder of Miracle Arena for All Nations, which operates 17 branches in various countries, reportedly impregnated Chris-Ann Bartley and the case has been taken to court.

But the pastor wants to have his identity kept secret because the publicity could damage his reputation and hurt him financially.

However, a judge ruled on Tuesday that Danso can’t keep his identity secret in the paternity case. The Star reports that Ontario Superior Court Justice Fred Myers dismissed a request by Martin Kofi Danso to extend a publication ban and sealing order on a court file related to allegations he fathered a child Bartley.

Bartley’s lawyer, Theodora Oprea, said after Tuesday’s hearing, that a DNA test has since confirmed Danso is the father of her client’s baby boy, who is now six months old.

According to the Miracle Arena website, “Prophet Danso” is a devoted father of four who travels the world “impacting and empowering millions of lives through his powerful preaching and teaching ministry.” His wife, JoAnne Danso, is a reverend with the church known as “Mama.” Court heard Tuesday she is expecting twins any day now.

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  1. Yeye issue and if l may false prophet. If you knew what you did is good why are you hiding your identity because of what you will loose in reputation and money? You must remember that God sees and knows you and also that you are before the judgement throne of God.

  2. What kind of life are people living during this end time. You struggle to feed your family but sponsor a deceitful tongue. Wake up Africans, see what your so called pastor is doing with your earnings. Saint by day buy male prostitute at night.

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