Police Arrest Knife-Wielding Man Yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ At Eiffel Tower Due To Celebration Of Neymar’s Signing At PSG!

Neymar's Signing At PSG

The authorities in Paris have arrested a knife-wielding man while he was trying to breach security at the Eiffel Tower just when the monument was lit up to celebrate PSG’s record signing of footballer Neymar

The man, who is aged around 19 and has a history of psychological problems, forced his way past security guards and then shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’on Saturday, a legal source told Daily Mail.

Soldiers who are permanently stationed at the Eiffel Tower ordered the young man who was wearing a Paris Saint-Germain football shirt to drop his weapon, which he did without attacking anyone, the source added.

The man, who was apparently alone, was ‘very quickly overpowered and arrested’ and nobody was hurt, a statement from the company that runs the monument said.

After the arrest, police at the site checked the venue and called for it to be evacuated 15 minutes before the Eiffel Tower normally closes, the statement added.

At the time of the incident, the tower was lit up with the colours of the team to welcome the club’s new world-record signing, Brazilian star Neymar.

The monument, which was lit up to celebrate Paris St Germain football team signing Brazilian footballer Neymar, was evacuated at around 12.30am.


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