Photos/Video: Boko Haram Releases A Propaganda Footage Of Life In Sambisa Forest!

Boko Haram terror group has released a propaganda video where it showed its operation in the vast Sambisa forest. Sambisa used to be the operational headquarters of Boko Haram. The propaganda video sent to Sahara Reporters shows that the group has reportedly returned to its former base with its fighters carrying out their normal activities.

Boko Haram Releases A Propaganda Video Of Life In Sambisa


In the 29-minute video, the terrorist group showed its men going about their normal businesses. Some of them were shown in a local bakery, baking bread, moving on motorcycles and engaging in trading activities in a location purported to be Sambisa.

Others were shown in farmlands, growing different crops.

The terrorists were also shown in the propaganda video buying and selling goods including foodstuff, books, clothing, cement, automobile spare parts and other goods in small shops.

Boko Haram also showed its men operating laptop and computers in the video.

The terrorist group also showed some of its men on a training session.

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