PDP Senator Hits Hard On Governor Fayose : ‘You’re Suffering From ‘Mouth Diarrhoea’

A PDP senator from Ogun-east senatorial district, Buruji Kashamu, has described Ayodele Fayose, governor of Ekiti state, as an “opportunist” who is suffering from “mouth diarrhoea”.

He said this while reacting to  Fayose’s call for his expulsion from the PDP.

At a stakeholders’ meeting in Ibadan, Oyo state capital, Fayose accused Kashamu of being responsible for the challenges confronting the party in the south-west.
But Kashamu fired back, saying the governor has since been declared a “persona non grata.”
He also dismissed the meeting, describing those in attendance as “some impostors parading themselves as leaders and the south-west zonal executives of our party.”
The meeting was attended by PDP leaders from Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ondo, Ekiti and Lagos states.
Kashamu said he is not afraid of being expelled from the party, as he has “made a name” before joining politics” and “will continue to be relevant, in and out of party politics.”

“The truth is: besides the illegality of their so-called resolutions, I do not need the association of Fayose and his cohorts,” the statement read.
“It is Fayose and his gang that should be avoided by our people. They should run from him for his ignoble role in the N13.5 billion arms funds scandal and for setting our party and region on a collision course with the rest of the country. He has since been declared a persona non grata and unfit among reasonable and right-thinking members of the society.
“Besides, their action shows that Fayose and his minions are either strangers in the party or ignorant of the party’s constitution, or both. Otherwise, they would have known that article 57 (7) of the constitution of PDP states, ‘notwithstanding any other provision relating to discipline, no Executive Committee at any level, except the national executive committee, shall entertain any question of discipline as may relate or concern a member of the national executive committee, deputy governors or members of the national assembly.’
“In a ruling delivered in suit no. FHC/L/CS/605/2016 on the 17th of May, 2016, the federal high court, Lagos, specifically nullified the jamboree they held in Akure which they called the south-west zonal congress. Till date, the order has neither been set aside nor upturned on appeal.
“Ordinarily, I would not have dignified Fayose with a response since everybody knows him as a depressed loudmouth who is suffering from what the legendary Chief Gani Fawehinmi would describe as ‘mouth diarrhoea’. He is nothing but an opportunist and a political scavenger whose night time will soon come.
“Fayose wants to be the ‘alpha and omega’ of the PDP in the south-west, whether by hook or crook. But he forgets that leadership is not compelled; it is earned. And he does not have what it takes to lead the PDP even in Ekiti state, let alone the south-west. For now, he can only aspire and pretend to the leadership. In a couple of months, the Pharaoh that we see today, we shall him no more.”

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