Owner Of Prodest Hotel Demolished By Governor Wike Breaks Silence, Says He Did Not Violate Any Law

The owner of Prodest hotel, one of the hotels demolished on the order of the Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, on Sunday May 10, has denied violating any law to warrant the demolition of his building.


Governor Wike who supervised the demolition, said the action was taken because the operators of the hotels flouted the lockdown directive put in place to curb the spread of Coronavirus. He led some security officers with a bulldozer to the hotel to destroy it.


Reacting to the development, Promise Gogorobari, owner of Prodest hotel, denied claims that his establishment flouted the governor’s lockdown order. Speaking in an interview with Punch, Gogorobari who is based in Lagos said


”I am based in Lagos, but I am not in the right frame of mind to speak now. There is nobody who will not feel bad about this. It is a hotel that I built for the past seven years. The demolition of hotels is a setback to the state in terms of investment.

That was an investment that was taking care of my family and relatives and people around me. There was no fair hearing before the demolition took place. With this, many people are out of jobs.

I did not violate any order. The government was supposed to do some investigations before doing that. And if they found me wanting, then another procedure should be followed; not demolishing a structure like that.

Definitely, this will affect investors. I invested in the business so that I can take some people off the street, but all government is doing is to demolishing it without a proper investigation”.



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  1. Wike did what is terrable and unforgivable,how can he just demolish such,is it because he is a governor (he should remember that he will not be governor forever),now he rendered so many jobless(so many of these workers might have looked for work after years of youth service,some have family, the hotel building itself was built by millions of naira). Let me tell him tell he has started bring course upon himself and his generation. After lockdown how will dose that he made jobless go back to their work,his can they put food on their table,how can children school fees been paid for,how can house rent been paid for and so many other things. I am highly disappointed in Wike(governor of river state) it is rather unfair and unjust

  2. For the very first time wike became governor of river state i knw he is a man with hot temper which is definitely not good for a governor of a people of a state. Demolishing a hotel worth millions of naira is totally unacceptable and an act of wickedness to humanity in respective of the offense which led to such action. Wike suppose to know that government since they can’t offer employment to the entire people of the country need the private sector to support them in reducing the number of unemployed youth in the society.So I don’t see the reason why a governor who is suppose to create job to his people will go in such lenght in taking job away from them already employed by demolishing a building so many people depend on for livelihood. If truely a company or hotel fail to obey lockdown roles put by the governor,what i think the governor should do is close down that building for violating the rules till further notice.Not demolishing. Truth be said,this act of his Excellency governor Wike is totally unreasonable and i think a body should be sect up for proper investigation.

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