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Our Services

Nigeriana.news is a subsidiary of Jetheights and Nigeria’s foremost Internet Newspaper that publishes news, opinions, entertainment, lifestyle and trends, fashion and style and celebrity. We keep you refreshingly updated on latest happenings in Nigeria and beyond. Here’s the best platform for getting your message across to your audiences.

Nigeriana also provides bespoke Online Marketing services to help businesses improve their visibility online and acquire more customers.

We also:

  • Connect with your target audience at the exact time they need your products or services
  • Utilize Search Engine Marketing to improve your business Visibility
  • Leverage Social Media Marketing to Engage your prospect and convert them to paying customers

Here’s a list of our services:

  • Sponsored Post
  • Website Design
  • Web Content Management
  • Ghost Writing
  • Rotate Advert
  • Web Banner Advert
  • PR Services
  • SME Advert Package
  • Graphics/Logo Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Copy Writing
  • Jetheights Brand Awareness Group (JBAG){₦1000 only}
  • Video Script Writing and Many More.

For any of these services, contact us: advert@jetheights.com