“Only The Blind Won’t See Buhari’s Achievements” – Presidency

Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina has stated that those who oppose the current administration have made it a point to harp on negative happenings in the country.

Listing what he considered as the achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari, Adesina said the positive growth cannot be denied even by “naysayers.”

He quoted figures from the National Bureau of Statistics, saying since Nigeria recovered from recession, the gross domestic product (GDP) has been growing consistently, currently recording a growth of 1.95% in Q1 2018 compared to a contraction of 0.91% in Q1 2017.

He noted that inflation had declined from 18.72 percent to 12.48 percent in the last 15 months, “even with an increased spending of N1.5 trillion on infrastructural projects”.

Adesina compared the $29.6 billion inherited from the Goodluck Jonathan administration to the $49.79 billion foreign reserves despite “modest oil prices” in the international market.

“Some people have made it a pastime to talk as if there is no silver lining in the sky as far as the Nigerian economy is concerned,” he said in a statement. They carry on as if it is doom and gloom all the way, a thoroughfare of woes.

This they do, to hoodwink the public, and peradventure gain political advantage for themselves, or their principals. But facts are stubborn things.

Those arrayed against facts may abhor and deride them, but there they are, staring them starkly in the face.

These are just little among the good things happening to the Nigerian economy. Only the wilfully blind will not see it, but it does not stop the good work, which continues.”

Adesina said government was still on the road to reviving the economy and would continue until the impact is felt by the “ordinary” Nigerian.

“On exiting recession last year, President Muhammadu Buhari had said he would not consider the job done, until the ordinary man feels the impact of the rebounding economy on his life and pocket,” he said. “We are inexorably on that road, no matter what scoffers may say.”

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