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Old Students’ Reunion Parties Have Become Places Where Married Men And Women Cheat On Their Spouses – Nigerian Activist Says

Nigerian activist, Comrade Israel Joe, has said that Old Students Association reunion parties have become places where married men and women cheat on their partners with former “crushes”


Joe stated this on Thursday, October 13, in a Facebook post titled: “Old Students Association Reunion Party and Silent Sacred Immorality”


“There is nothing wrong in organising old students get together party especially the ones done at night, but, I can confidently tell you that it sometimes becomes a place where marital vows are murdered and a place where married men and women conveniently cheat on their spouses,” he wrote.


Young people get entangled for the first time ever in their lives in school settings, especially secondary school. Most times they become emotional and attached to the one they crush on whether male or female. These crushes grow up to realise there are more to life than those professed emotions back in secondary schools.


Forward to after they might have been married, boom… there is an old students get together party sometimes at night. They contribute money and even go to the extent of lodging almost all the rooms in the hotel for those who would not return and may want to rest or stay over. The married women tell their husbands that they are putting up with their former female classmates and they are granted permission sometimes by their unsuspecting spouses vice-versa.


They get there to meet most times with their old time crushes who will in no time open discussions of how life has been and how they miss their school days.


Trust me, old emotions come up and in no time they would first disagree being in the same room with their male crushes but there is something about emotions you should understand. After they must have drank a little and interacted briefly, emotions would go further to suspend rationality, objectivity and personality. They signal going to the room for just mere talk.


They get in and of course the woman would try a bit to put forth a resistance, not because she doesn’t want it but because she doesn’t want to appear cheap to her childhood crush who is now also married with children. Shortly they imagined how much they have missed themselves and the fact that, what childhood kept away from them has been presented enclosed in a room.


They finally succumb to themselves and make cr@zy love. Yes, they feel guilty for doing it and vow never to try such again but one thing is certain, infatuation has come to reality. For the man, he feels good to have fulfilled a long time dream and to the woman she feels bad having to make that mistake. Sometimes some women won’t feel bad especially when the man at home treats them like trash. They quickly open up communication lines to this crush where they feel secure to have it with anytime.


One thing is certain. The woman will not tell her husband what happened because he might forgive her but will never have her in his house anymore. Some women have told their immature husbands about certain mistakes which landed them back to the street thinking they want to be honest with their husbands.


Trust me 99.99 percent of women would only take such immoral sacrilegious secrets to the house, 6 feet below the ground called the grave. For them that is the only place such a secret is safe.


Israel Joe isn’t condemning old student reunion parties especially the one of secondary schools but one should be watchful and careful for too many things happen there not meant for the eyes to see nor pleasant for the ears to hear.


They call it reunion but there is no federal minister, governor, senator or great business man or woman present, who would want to help others or their spouses. What are they really reuniting for? What purpose do such parties have? I know my secondary school old students might not be happy with this write-up but take it easy with me, I’m still a strong member like always.

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