Nollywood Actress, Ebube Nwagbo Reveals How She Was Lured Into The Fashion Business

Nollywood actress cum movie producer, Ebube Nwagbo, is not one to rest on her oars just because she has paid her dues in the make-belief craft. Little wonder even after making a fortune from her hairline she decide to reinvest in a lucrative venture such as a clothing line.

In a chat with WG, Ebube who just launched a clothing line, ‘Poshedupbyeb’, explained why she chose to invest in the clothing business instead of lounging while reaping from her other investments. “I like to try out new things, I like putting things together and I love looking good fashion wise. My style of fashion is something different. I like looking simple without going overboard. A lot of people tell me they like the way I combine my outfits. So I decided to put everything under one roof for everybody to come and buy my looks. ‘Poshedupbyeb’ is me recreating my looks and putting it out there. I love my fans and I want them to look good as well.

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