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Nollywood Actor, Charles Inojie Calls Out Nigerians Breaking The Laws Of Other Countries By Preaching The Gospel

Charles Inojie in a message to Nigerians in foreign countries, addressed the infringement on the rights of other residents by publicly preaching the gospel.

Sharing a throwback video of a Nigerian man arrested while preaching in the streets of London, the veteran actor stated that if the laws of a country frowns at certain things as illegal, then immigrants should not engage in them.

Wondering how one can obey God’s law if they can’t obey the laws of man, Charles Inojie pointed out that governments are instituted to ensure order and coexistence. He wrote;

If the laws of your country of residence frown at certain things as illegal, by all means don’t engage in them.
By disobeying you are invariably sinning because disobedience is sin

How well can you obey God’s law if you cannot obey the laws of man? The governments of this world are there to ensure order and coexistence. Otherwise there would be anarchy, social disorder and political strife.

It is okay to preach the gospel, but your right to so do should not infringe on the rights of others.


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