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Nigeria’s Joseph Ebosa Meets Zimbabwe’s Minister of Energy and Power Development

While other Nigerian big boys are all about their showoffs on Instagram and other social media platforms, Delta Big Boy Joseph Ebosa, whose report we brought you few month ago, is taking his network across Africa.

Joseph Ebosa a.k.a Young Don, who is also the managing Director of Coastal Consult Limited, was in Harare, Zimbabwe on the 12th of April, and he was given a warm reception by the country’s Minister of Energy and Power Development, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo.

The duo had a discussion which spanned through creating a synergy between Coastal Consult Limited and Zimbabwe’s Energy sector coupled with other promising ventures, and investment opportunities being explored to the benefits of both parties.

According to Joseph Ebosa, who is also in partnership with Monjasa Services, an international oil and gas company with head office in Denmark, there are opportunities for like-minded entrepreneurs within Africa to seek investment opportunities within its neighboring countries, thereby boosting each other’s economy, improving the lives of citizen and promoting Africa as a whole to its counterparts.

The well structured investment plan between Coastal Consult Limited and Zimbabwe are listed below;

Resource Specialization: International investment allow nations to specialize their economies in the areas where resources are best allocated. For instance countries like the United States and China have access to almost every resource they need, from minerals to land, and even oil. Smaller nations are not as lucky, and must rely on imports to provide their citizens with basic necessities.

Jobs: It’s is no doubts that international investment creates room for more job opportunities for both young and old qualified individuals from different sector. As a result the decreases the rate of unemployment.

Peace: International investment/trade creates economic interdependency and an incentive to find peaceful, diplomatic solutions to international conflicts. Understanding the positive outcomes of international investment , both for consumers and companies, opens a broader view of the issue, and puts the role of international investment in perspective.

Innovation: For companies the theme of international trade/investment is innovation. They must innovate to distinguish their products from the increased competition, innovate to improve their cost to consumers and innovate to be the first to market with new ideas.

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