Nigerians Will Suffer If Biafra Republic Is Not Declared – Apostle Mbazuruike

General Overseer of Agape Life Ministries Outreach, Awka, Anambra State, Apostle James Mbazuruike has prophesied that Nigerians will continue to suffer if they refuse to declare Biafra Republic.

According to him, the rebirth of the Republic of Biafra would come to reality any time soon.

Mbazuruike came into limelight last year when he predicted victory for Donald Trump as the President of United States of America (USA).

He said no power can stop God’s mission and that Biafra was in line with God’s mandate.

Briefing newsmen in Awka at the weekend, Apostle Mbazuruike declared that more things will happen this year that would be in favour of the agitators of Biafra.

He warned that recession was just the beginning of God’s punishment if Biafra’s future is not discussed.

“This is a cheering news for the people of Biafra, because many have died for the actualisation of Biafra. I did prophesy that Trump will win the US presidency and he did. That buttressed a point on what I said about Biafra. Biafra will ultimately be a reality because nobody in power can stop Biafra.

“Whenever God says a thing, nobody will stop it. God has said Biafra would emerge as a nation and no power in Nigeria would crush the spirit. The more they delay the emergence of Biafra as a nation, the more Nigeria sinks and the more the sufferings of its people.

“For anybody to say Nigeria would come out of this recession is foolhardy and a statement from somebody not in touch with God.”


According to Apostle Mbazurike, God has told him that the time to let His people go is now.

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