Nigerian Man Accuses Ogudu Police Of Beating Him Up, Threatening To Kill Him, Extorting ₦260K From Him

A Twitter influencer @__Valking has accused police officers from the Ogudu department of a number of horrific things, including forcing a gay confession out of him, threatening his life, extortion, blackmail, and brutality.

He claimed he was in an Uber when he was stopped and the officers asked the driver to take them straight to the Ogudu police station.

He said he explained that he’s an influencer working with brands and he named some of his clients. He alleged that they collected his gadgets, searched his phone and saw a chat where he joked with friends that “gay men dey pay”.

According to @__Valking, the police officers asked him to remove his shirt and then allegedly beat him up with a pipe. He alleged that they also accused him of being gay, and forced him to admit to it on camera. He also claimed they told him to say that he has male clients who pay him for sex and they gave him names of men to include in his statement as his clients.

He added that they asked him to add amount to the name of each men as the money they paid him for sex. He alleged all this happened at gunpoint and they threatened to kill him if he doesn’t comply.

He claimed that when they were done, they threatened to release the video of the forced confession to his clients if he doesn’t pay them. He was allegedly asked to pay 500,000 Naira but they ended up collecting 260,000 Naira.

He said the experience left him shaken.

His thread had angered Twitter users and some have used the opportunity to share their alleged experience with police brutality in Lagos.

Read his thread below.

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