Nigerian Lady Calls Out Her Estranged Husband For Allegedly Taking Their Kids Away

A Nigerian lady has called out her estranged husband for allegedly taking their kids away after they seperated.


The lady who stated that she separated from her husband on grounds of alleged domestic violence and other personal reasons, claimed that he tricked her into leaving behind their sons and traveling to the village with only their daughter.


She alleged that he took their kids to his sister’s place in Bayelsa and moved out of their apartment while she was in the village.


Chidera Atuah wrote;


Hello everyone! please help me repost and share this post so it can reach the appropriate authorities!

So last year I got with my husband on the grounds of dome.stic and other personal reasons that I won’t want to share here for now!.

So why we got sepa.rate.d was because I reported his b.a.d attitude towards me to my uncles cos my parents are l.a.te, and am an only child! so he got m.a.d at me for reporting him to my uncles! (Note I have been for years!) he told me to go to my village and that he will come there to met me so that our people can settle the pr.ob.lem between us.

So when I wanted to travel, I told him that I want to travel with the 3 of my kids, but he n convinced me to go with my daughter only, that after all we won’t spend time, that our house boy can take care of the boys, and that they shouldnt miss school because of that! and I believed him oo!

So I was in the village when a friend of mine called me and was telling me that (“I no try oo, so that we moved out of our apartment without me telling her, that she thought we were friends!”) I was surprised and sh.oc.ked at the same time!

he took our kids to his sister’s place in bayelsa and moved out of our apartment while I was in the village!

pls I want my kids back, I don’t even know which part they are in that bayelsa, I have never been to bayelsa in my entire life! I need my boys back, they are still too young to be out of their mums care! the most part is that he is not even with them, because he can’t take care of them! so he now took them to his sister!

My boys are there now like mothe.r.less kids while their mum is still alive!

pls u people should help me tell that man to return my kids to me, cos nobody in this world can take care of a child the way the mum would! they are still very tender! my first son will be 6yrs on May, while my second son will be 4yrs this month being March!

Very soon now they will start feeding the boys with li.e.s about me to make them h.@te me or feel I nÊ.g.le.ct.Éd them when they were young!

they are doing this because they feel that I have no one to fi.g.h.t for me! I have been from my kids since August 2021! they woman don’t even let me speak with them on the phone! they cut off every access that I will use to reach my kids! is that fair?

My kids that I my life and Carried for 9months n went through l.a.b.our alone!

I will be dropping his number and that of his sister with my kids! I can’t keep silent any longer!

his name is Sunday iloka

his sister’s name is Ogochukwu

pls call them and tell them to release my kids to me their mother. thank u all!

Lady calls out her estranged husband for allegedly taking their kids away


Written by PH

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