Nigerian Community Best Educated, Most Successful In US – Congressmen

Nigerians in the United States (US) have been described as the “best educated and most successful” in the country.

The confirmation was made by the meeting US Congressmen in Lagos. The administrators additionally said that the answer for a large portion of issues confronting Nigeria could be tended to through business by the tremendous innovative and vitality filled youthful populace.
The head of the US Congressional Team, Senator Christopher Coons, said in Lagos that those solutions include “how power generation can be done more cleanly and more sustainably” and “when you find solutions to challenges facing Nigeria, you find solutions to not just the challenges facing Africa but the entire world.
So, we recognise the vibrancy, creativity and entrepreneurship of the people.”
The Delaware Congressman, who spoke in Lagos during a reception in their honour, noted that their visit, among others, afforded them space to converse with some entrepreneurial fellows on “the amazing solutions that young Nigerians are coming forward with.”
He described the market in Nigeria as “astonishing,” and “the reason that companies come here from all over the world, but the opportunities here are even more remarkable.
“Perhaps you will call it a generation bomb, but the recent analysis show the number of young, roving and mobile professionals here in Lagos alone is nearly 30 million.
This is an incredibly desirable and creative group within the much larger Nigeria,” he said.
According to him, the visit was not just to see and talk with great industry giants in manufacturing, building infrastructure and banking, among others, but also “the creative leaders in Nollywood, who are making films watched all over the world and demonstrating that Nigeria has a film culture and film industry that rival the greatest in the world.
“We also know that the young leaders of Nigeria have creativity, solutions; they have insight to how we work out the most challenging things together.
The Nigerian diaspora community in the United States is the largest, the best educated and the most successful,” he said. Though, he admitted that the American mass media focus on negative things when looking at Africa, he said the challenges portrayed are real, but his account will now include “the amazing audience, the vibrant media, the creative and entrepreneurial young people; the energy that is in Nigerian people.”
Nevertheless, Coons reminded Nigerians that America also has “challenges of governance and transparency, and making sure that we continue to hold our elected officials accountable, to ensure that they make procurement processes and elections more fair and predictable, less corrupt and more positive.”   The others include multifaith, multi-linguistic, multiparty democracy and climate change, as well as tragic flooding, especially in the coastal cities, and the associated marine debris and close-up of the shores, he said.

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