Nigeria At 60: READ Jetheights CEO, Ayo Alex Alao’s Independence Day Message To Nigerian Youths

The CEO of Jetheights Services, Ayo Alex Alao has joined Nigerians across the globe to celebrate the country’s 60th Independence Day Anniversary.
Ayo Alex Alao in his Independence day’s message, urged young people to be part of the country’s solution and not the problem.
Here’s the director’s message:
Happy 60th Birthday Nigeria. ‘Keep Growing’
In the last 1 year, due to the state of the Nation, many have become bitter, battered, poorer, angrier, weak, sick, hopeless, helpless, sad, mad, jailed, raped, riled and afraid.
To the young, I have a few words, skill yourself up, arm yourself with network, bridge gaps and bridges.
Stop building walls – being a political pawn, a religious or tribal bigot, a social media nuisance will do your future self no favours.
Please learn Integrity, build Character and Invest…Invest in yourself, save those coins and build wealth.
Learn from everyone and anyone. Be Teachable.
Be patient, and plan long term…Success requires that you show up daily with Consistency.
Learn to attract and take advantage of opportunities when they come.
Become a stream of value, Flow fast and far.
Join worthy causes and learn team work early enough.
Grow up – Life will reward you for your maturity and emotional intelligence.
Learn to stand alone, believe in yourself and enjoy your own company – Clout chasers and people pleasers have nothing on you.
Be Authentic, Be Real, Be Genuine in your emotions, Intentions and actions but be humble, reasonable and empathic.
Be very strong, life will throw a whole lot at you.
‘Naija nor easy, Problem nor dey finish’
So Build Resilience, Stay positive and Thrive.
Get involved in Nation building, Transformational Leadership and even politics if you can.
Remember, we must be prepared to do our best when given the opportunity to LEAD.
An African proverb says, “Do not call the forest that shelters you a jungle”.
This means you shouldn’t disrespect or insult someone who shares your burdens and responsibilities or takes care of you.
Nigeria is our home, we must become part of the solution, not the problem…Collectively, yet Individually, we MUST find a way…’As long as we are together’
Have a great year.
To your Success,

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