My Husband Deserves All My Salary – Nigerian Lady

A Nigerian twitter user with the handle, @seerhaw, has taken to the platform to reveal that her husband deserves all her salary, for supporting her through the years.

The lady in appreciation of how helpful her husband has been, in a series of tweet serenade her husband with lovely words, noting that he deserves her monthly pay, if she decided to give all to him.

According to her story, while she was a medical student  her husband was  paying house rent in twos.


He paid one for her school hostel, and the other for their home in Lagos.

She added, that her husband got her a car, to make life easier for her after she had their first child.

The happy wife resolved that, her husband deserves everything she’s willing to give as he made studying medicine easy for her.

In her words;

“My husband was paying two rents yearly, my school house rent and our house in Lagos. We have everything in twos, TV set, Auto washing machine,microwave,generator and also got me a new car after I had my first baby just to make life easy for me as a medical student.

“If I am sending him all my salary every month when I become a doctor, he deserve it all and more. He made studying medicine easy for me. He would always tell me not to worry about my survival but to study hard so I don’t have to repeat a class. I owe him my Success Story.”

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