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Exclusive Interview with Mrs. Tinu Smith, The Convener Of Colours Of Worship

Mrs Tinu Smith and Mr Ayo Alex Alao, The CEO Jetheights Services Limited

Colours of Worship is an annual program organized by THE FORERUNNERS WORSHIP CREW with TINU SMITH as the Convener. The programme started in 2012, this year is the 7th edition.

Colours of Worship is a programme that gives people the platform to find direction and purpose.

Flier of Colours of Worship


And today, we have Mrs. Atinuke Smith, the CEO of Datina Designs Fashion House and Fashion School, and the Convener of Colours of Worship to tell us more about how the event came to be, it’s achievements and so much more…


Read the whole interview below:

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Let’s get to know you better…

My name is Atinuke Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Datina Designs Fashion House and Fashion School, and the Convener of Colours of Worship.


Mrs Tinu Smith, Convener Colours of Worship


How has Fashion business been for you in Ibadan?

Well, we’ve had a good time… I’ve done it for 25 years, been able to give back to this generation and also grow the fashion industry as a whole in Ibadan.

Let’s talk about the event Colours of Worship … What actually gave birth to the event and the name “Colours of Worship”

I believe that God has created us differently and that is what brings beauty in the world we live in, we see that everywhere is colourful, we can see colours all over the place, God didn’t make everywhere black or white but He made everything in different colours and that is how we are as human beings. So when we want to give back to God, it should come in diverse ways because we are made differently, we are all wired differently. That’s what actually inspired me to give it that name “Colours of Worship”.


When you come before God, you should come with everything you have, everything that makes us unique. Looking around, you can see the wonders of God and that is how we humans are and that is how we should also express ourselves.

What exactly is the programme all about?

The programme is just to create a platform where people can network before God, worship, relax. Burdens are lifted, you get deliverance, and you will get clarity about what you want to do be it in business, in your home or just any issue.

So the programme is to give people the platform to find direction and purpose.

What year did you start Colours of Worship?

It started in 2012. This is the 7th edition.

What’s the connection between your business which is fashion and this worship programme?

I believe those are the areas I’m gifted naturally. Music is one thing I’m very passionate about and it has also helped me when people ask me what I do apart from business, that’s one thing I will say, minister to people, use music to bless lives. The connection is both are artistic, whether it’s music or fashion, it’s all about creativity and I believe that’s what God had created me to do, I’m a creative person.

It has helped me to mould the lives of young people, mentor people, so it is indeed connected.

What areas do you want to improve on in this year’s edition of Colours of Worship?

We want to focus on young people, I’ve heard a lot of stories of young people committing suicide and it is really alarming. We need to create more atmosphere for them to relax, to find God and also find directions for their lives, for them to be able to overcome any challenges or pressure life is bringing their ways.

The Interviewer, Miss Florence Nnate with Mrs. Tinu Smith

So this year, we are focusing on the younger generation, we will be reaching out to secondary schools, Universities, Polytechnics etc.

Knowing fully well that the young generations are more interested in a place that is happening, how do you intend to draw youths to this kind of event?

The music we do is not the boring kind of music; we try to do something that is current that they would love to listen to. So it’s all about being creative, making sure we give the next generation what they are looking for with the main aim of drawing them to God.

Can you tell us the guest ministers, artists that are coming for this programme?

We usually bring people that are worship inclined, so we have people like Leke Fatuberu, Ebahi The Anointed Harvest House, Colours of Worship Crew, Dr Kemi Oyewusi, Pst. Funsho Popoola they are all fantastic people and when they minister, there is grace, we have people that will minister in the Word and people that will be sharing their stories so it can encourage others going through the same challenges. It is a fully packed event.

Pst. Funsho Williams
Dr Kemi Jorge Oyewusi



Leke Fatuberu



The Anointed Harvest House


Colours of Worship Crew

What should be the expectations of people that will be coming for this event?

It’s going to be a time of relaxation, networking, a time of refreshing, for those who are burdened, there is an assurance that before they leave the burdens will be lifted; there will also be healing deliverance. God is going to be in the house to meet everyone’s need.

Do you have a way of bringing in your business/brand during Colours of Worship?

I get to meet a lot of young people, who wants to go into the fashion business and doesn’t have a clue how to go about it, I mentor them, if I’m not able to, if there is something else they need, I attach them to someone else.

Any word for Entrepreneurs in Ibadan?

Ibadan has changed a lot over the years and it will continue to change. The ground is opening up and new businesses are coming to the city so Ibadan is a city where you can strive well in your business.

Any word to help the young ones on how to cope in this digital age?

Look for what problem to solve, Nigeria has a lot of problems so they should find one to solve and their name will be written on the sand of time.

Mrs Tinu Smith and Mr Ayo Alex Alao, The CEO Jetheights Services Limited

Any word for those going through any form of pain, trauma or depression?

Those are the kind of people this programme is for, people going through depression, people that want to commit suicide, we just want to let them know tough time never last, but tough people do.

Come out of where you are and join the rest of the world to worship God before you know there will be healing, deliverance, there will be lifting. That’s the major testimony we usually have, people always find directions, illumination for the next step. So we want to call everyone to come and be part of this and be sure that you cannot remain the same again.


More details about Colours of Worship VII;

Theme: AUDIENCE OF ONE Jeremiah 32: 27

Date: 25th of August

Venue: Havanah Royale Event Centre, Beside First Bank, University of Ibadan.

Time: 3pm







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