Mr Eazi Lists Some Of His Accomplishments After A Twitter User Called Him A Gold Digger

Mr Eazi has been forced to respond to a Twitter user who called him a gold digger going after Otedola’s money.


The Twitter user called out the singer because of a comment he made regarding the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa.


“Fight the real ENEMY!! Fight POVERTY!!!!” Mr Eazi tweeted.


But his tweet was highly misunderstood and he was attacked. A number of his attackers told him he’s a gold digger dating Temi Otedola for her father’s money. Others said he’s fighting poverty by latching onto the billionaire daughter for Femi Otedola’s wealth.

Eazi eventually replied to one of his critics by listing the things he’s achieved on his own and how he’s contributing to make the world better.


The singer wrote:


Lol Gold Digger? Cos na otedola dey sing dey earn streaming rev, na him dey tour globally, na him dey invest in African creatives kmt No go pray make God bless your handwork!! I engage with people on rural level, providing water, now rural agripreneurship! Mama Raised no Fool.

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