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Messi Reveals New Intimate Tattoo Of His Wife On One Of The Most Important Parts Of His Body (Photo)

Argentinian international superstar footballer, Lionel Messi has taken his new found love for tattoos to a whole new level with his latest inking of his lovely wife, Anonella.
Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi has shown off a new tattoo, and it’s a rather intimate one, of his wife’s lips just above his groin.
The football star has continued to add tattoos in recent years and now boasts a full sleeve on his right arm, while the whole of his left calf is also covered. But now Messi has added another small but significant bit of ink to his torso.
The 30-year-old now boasts the puckered red lips of new wife Antonella Roccuzzo. The tattoo is just above his groin, on the hip area that bodybuilders call ‘Adonis’ Belt’.
Messi displaying his tattoo after scoring 3 goals on Saturday
Messi married childhood sweetheart, Antonella earlier this summer, at a stunning reception in Argentina.
Messi and Antonella’s reception was dubbed the ‘wedding of the century’ in Argentina as sports stars and the South American A-list arrived for the bash.

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