Leaving Nigeria Does Not Guarantee You’ll Get Rich But…. – Actor Frank Donga

Actor Frank Donga is of the opinion that leaving Nigeria does not guarantee a person will get rich. He also opined that staying back in Nigeria does not mean the person is more patriotic.


He shared this thought on his Twitter handle this morning April 1.



”The truth is leaving Nigeria does not guarantee you’ll get rich. Likewise, deciding to stay does NOT mean you’re more patriotic. Sometimes, all people want is where they can maximize their potentials & live in peace. Whatever you decide to do, I pray your dreams come true”


Leaving Nigeria does not guarantee you?ll get rich - Actor Frank Donga


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  1. Exactly true because if leaving Nigeria will automatically make you rich, you would have found out that all the people you are going to meet in the country you are going will be rich. But there some poor people in the country you are going. How come will be the next question. Again staying in Nigeria does not make you more patriotic but this may be the best option because you will totally be a stranger in another man’s country especially as God knows why you are in the country of your birth.

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