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Lawyer Appears Before Court In Pastoral Robe Days After His Colleague Stormed Court In ‘Juju Priest’ Attire

A Nigerian lawyer, Ogbachalu Goshen, today July 1, appeared before the Okpoko Magistrate Court in the Ogbaru Local Government Area, in Anambra State, dressed like a priest.


A mild drama played out in the court as the magistrate, CB Mbaegbu, refused to hear him on grounds that he was not formally dressed. Goshen, in return, disagreed with the magistrate, citing the recent Supreme Court judgement that gave female students the backing to wear hijab in public schools as a precedent.


Lawyer appears before court in pastoral robe days after his colleague stormed court in ?Juju Priest? attire


He also insisted that it was his right, adding that the objection by the Magistrate was an infringement on his fundamental rights as enshrined in Section 38 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Not backing down, the Magistrate rose up, thereby forcing the court to dismiss immediately.


Speaking to journalists, Goshen stood his ground noting that the incident had already become a constitutional matter since the Supreme Court’s ruling that allows the use of hijab in public schools and facilities. The lawyer said the court needs to answer what its position would be if it were a female Muslim lawyer who entered the court in her hijab.


He further noted that he is an ordained pastor and should also be allowed to appear that way in court since the Supreme Court’s decision on the hijab matter is that it is allowed.


When asked if the Supreme Court ruling is in the best interest of the judiciary, he said that for now, it remains a precedent that must be obeyed unless there is a judicial review.


Watch a video of him in court below;


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  1. Dear sir ,
    In respect of those lawyers that put on their religion attires to court .
    I suppose it is their right in as much as the highly law court institution has permitted certain group of religion to wear ijab which symbolises a group of religion to any place like schools and many places where uniforms are supposed to be worn then other religions too have the same right . Are saying those that are wearing ijab to schools are more special than or their religion is more important than others religion far be it . Again I will like to asked ( WHAT IS THE MEANING OF UNIFORM. )
    I suppose it means everyone should be in one informity that is the meaning then if it were so why should Muslims forcing their religion identity on public institution like schools and other places that belongs to government . Do they now saying that Nigeria is a Muslims country .
    Hmmmmmmmm , where are we going in this country call Nigeria . The most saddened aspect of it is that all this women that wear this ijab are not religious inclined rather they are just wear the ijab for fashion sake , still government allowed such in it’s institution like schools . If I should go deeply in this issues I will destroyed a lot of things because we can see them on daily basis with what they are doing with their ijab on them .
    Infact we do not have government in place . Our law enforcement institution are zero .
    I believe what is good for the goose is also good for the gender .We are all practicing our religion too . . It is enough for now till other day

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