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Lagos State Appreciates Health Campaigners

As part of efforts to forestall the spread of malaria and other diseases in the country, the Lagos State government has supported two children environmentalists, Tony Ohekuru and Misimi Isimi, who are the Initiators of Children for Cleaner Lagos Campaign Initiative programme.

The children converged at Ikeja Local Government Secretariat, where the cleaning exercise started from to the Ministry of Environment, Alausa, Lagos.

The Special Adviser to the governor of Lagos State on Environment, Mr. Babatunde Ope, who received the children at the Secretariat stated that such awareness would help in promoting cleaner environment and there won’t be any form of diseases.

Speaking further, he said he believes that Tony and Isimi’s campaign will go a long way to assist the state government Cleaner Lagos Initiative which is geared towards achieving a cleaner society.

He also recognised the effort of the organizers for coming up with such idea and also urged people to support and partners such movement in order to aid the moving forward of the state as well as the country.

Mrs Angela Iji, who is Tony’s mother said, “Tony is determined and full of optimism to do this campaign, even to the extent of him releasing a song for the campaign titled: ‘Cleaner Lagos, healthier you.’

The initiator of the campaign, Tony Ohekuru, singer, 11, speaking about what actually prompted this, said: “it all started from going to school, seeing dirts everywhere. However, I was inspired by Lagos State Cleaner Initiative and since I want Nigeria to be a great country , this campaign will serve as a means of educating people to keep their environments clean.”

The Co-initiator and kid environmentalist, Misimi Isimi, 12, said, she preached zero tolerance on a filthy environment and what actually prompted her was improper disposal of refuse in the street and in most cases seeing people drop something on the floor instead of using waste bin. “It is the parent’s responsibilities to teach their children to be environmentally responsible and something like this must start at a tender age so that they can grow with it and know what is right and what is wrong for the betterment of Nigeria,” she added.

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