Lagos Cabbie Eats Out Of A Customer’s Food He Was Asked To Deliver

A Nigerian Twitter user has narrated how a cab man ate out of a food he was asked to deliver to a customer in Lagos.


According to the Twitter user identified as Seniorman on the platform, the driver was given food to deliver to a customer but he opened the food and ate from it before he got to his destination.


After being queried for eating out of the food the driver who didn’t see anything in wrong in what he had done asked for the price of the food so he can pay for the entire meal.


Narrating the bizarre incident of the micro-blogging platform, Seniorman wrote, “Them give bolt driver food to deliver, he Comot one turkey chop. I’m stressed 😂😂”,


See the chat that ensued between the driver and the food vendor below,

The tweet has stirred reactions from social media users, see some of the comments below,

@bshizzle70a, “You ate one Turkey , a whole Turkey’🤦🏾‍♂️😊😂Ma d people everywhere . Nigeria: More drama than Telemundo😊”.

@blaccquin, “What if it was poisoned or cursed….don’t allow poverty, greed and hunger get you into trouble”.

@lulu_whyte, “But this is not even funny at all. 🙄why will you open and touch someone else food???”


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