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Lady Calls Out Babcock University Over Tuition Fees Policy

A lady who preferred to remain anonymous has called out Babcock university over their tuition fees policy.

According to her, the university has a new policy of adding one thousand Naira daily, to the fees of those who haven’t paid within the stipulated time. See what she wrote below;

Hi guys. Please and please keep me anon. I don’t wanna get suspended abeg. I need to call out my school though. Maybe the embarrassment will warn others of what they’re getting into. Okay look. I’m a medical student in Babcock, so well I pay fees upwards of three million. This semester I resumed without paying my complete fees because my dad had a massive financial setback we’re still trying to recover from. Okay. Fast forward to some weeks after, they announced that everyone should complete their payments and registration on time, because they’re now implementing a policy of punishing those guilty of policy of punishing those guilty of ‘late registration’. This means, in essence, that if you can’t pay your fees, once that ‘late registration’ deadline arrives (like a month into the semester)… They add 1k to the amount you’re owing… Every day. So as my parents are struggling to gather fees, this wicked school is adding more money to our debt and making it harder. I know it’s a private institution and I knew what I was getting into blahblah but my parents definitely didn’t expect this crisis and we’ll pay anyway, we have no choice… But I think a ‘Christian’ school ought to be called out for acting very very devilish and insensitive. Bye.

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