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It’s Sin For Married Couples To Have Intercourse For Pleasure – Nigerian Lady (Photos)

A Nigerian lady who took to Facebook to share her thought on reason why married couples should have se.x, stated that it is a sin for married couples to have se.x for pleasure.

According to the Nigerian lady, adultery is when a married man gets intimate with his wife for pleasure, as it is meant to be for procreation only. Read the post from the married Nigerian lady below;

It is only human that have se.x for pleasure every other animals have se.x for procreation. Have you ask yourself why is it that is when a woman is most fertile she is highly sexually arose. No animal can allow to be laid expect she is on heat period no matter how far the man try. In the beginning it was not so the serpent made it s. Any sexual act not gear toward having children is a sin. If you don’t know know it today. That is why adultery is a serious sin I stand to be corrected adultery is when a married man have se.x with the wife for pleasure. I know you will say am ranting.’

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