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Italy’s First Black Senator, Toni Iwobi Hits Backs at Balotelli Over Criticism

Toni Iwobi, who has just been elected to the Italian Senate, has hit back at Mario Balotelli, after the Nice striker criticised him for representing a political party renowned for causing racial controversy. Iwobi, who was born in Nigeria but has lived in Italy since the 1970s, became the first black Senator to be elected after the Lega party, led by Matteo Salvini, earned the majority of votes in Spirano.

Balotelli posted a message on his Instagram story that said: “Maybe I’m blind or maybe they haven’t told him yet that he’s black – what a disgrace!”

When asked about Balotelli’s message during an interview on Radio Capital, Iwobi replied:

“I’d rather just ignore him. I’m not interested in what he writes. I have to deal with enough controversy. I just want to think about my territory and the new role I’ve been elected to.

“He’s a great footballer and he will remain one, but I hope he sticks to his job, considering that’s what he is good at.”


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