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‘It Is Not A Sin If Your Wife Cheats On You, You Should Be Happy & Learn’ – Rev. Lutt

If not for my open-mindedness, I would have said this counsellor should be brought to the market place and flogged mercilessly. But who am I to say that. Controversial Ghanaian marriage counsellor and reverend minister, Counsellor George Lutterodt has dropped another bombshell with respect to marriage issues.

According to him, cheating behind your married partner should not be seen as a sin because it’s not. The renowned counsellor made this statement on the Thursday, September 20, 2018 edition of Adom TV’s popular morning show ‘Badwam.’

He advised all married men not to blame their wives when they allow other men to sleep with them but they should rather use that as an opportunity to work extremely hard on their love making.

In his words;

“Cheating is not a sin. If you are a man and your wife cheats or you catch your wife red-handed, just thank God because it is an opportunity to learn because your wife comes home with new bed skills.”

He added that being able to “open fire” to your partner’s satisfaction is very important in marriage hence couples should take that component in marriage very seriously.

Asked how he would react when he comes to see another man “chopping down” his wife, Counsellor Luettrodt said,

“If I catch my wife in bed with another man, I will just stand there and watch it the more and learn so that if she comes, she can also teach me more,” he answered.

Counsellor George Luttrodt is well known for his controversial statements. Just recently he made a statement advising men who impregnate other women outside their marriages to keep the results of their adultery a secret.

According to him, a child out of wedlock is only a man’s business.

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  1. Mumu and yeye pastor. He does not even know that the word cheating is something detestable to God. Is he saying me cheating him is right before God? In fact there is no way you will not lie if you are a cheat.The word cheat itself means ”Defruad, trck, deceive, swindle, etc”. Somebody should help me ask him if any of these words are acceptable to God? He should read Proverbs 6:16-19 to see the things that will not make anyone be saved by God. How could he therefore stand tall before God and challenge Him to say that what God hates is right by his standard? Why is he rationalizing and make conclusion that will lead men and women that cheat to death if they refused to change? I am afraid that where we are now in falsehood will frustrate the effort of many to serve God well.

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