I’m Still In Shock Over Losing Her At This Stage Of My Life – Actor Ibrahim Chatta

“Mum taught me to be bold and never to run away from challenges. As a kid, I used to be very stubborn and my father would not allow me to get into a fight. In fact, fighting was disallowed in our home. You were punished for disobeying this rule anywhere. Even if you were cheated by an older person outside our home, dad forbade you to fight. But my mum would order me to go back and fight for my right.”

Chatta, who also lost his father about 25 years ago, disclosed that his mother was living with diabetes and she had been managing the ailment for over 10 years before her death.

He said that he was on a movie location somewhere in Lagos when he received the news of her passage. “Initially my wife had called from Ibadan to inform me that a nurse we hired to take care of my mum had not been coming for some time. We hired the nurse to ensure she took her medication regularly and kept to the special diet prescribed by the doctors.

“So I asked my wife to take her to a hospital. While there, mum had to undergo some treatment and was later discharged. A few days after she returned home, she fell sick again. And that was it. Although she was old, I am still in shock. Nobody likes to lose his mother.”

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