I’m Open To Plastic Surgery For Slimmer Look – Singer, Waje

The sensational singer was also recently accused by a girl who worked as her personal assistant, reacted to the claim that she overworked her P.A without paying her.
She said; “What I learnt from that experience is that before I work with anybody, they have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and that work should not be mixed with anything. If you don’t get the job done, then there’s no need for you to be in that space.”
Revealing her secret fantasy, Waje said, “My secret fantasy will be me living in the countryside away from civilisation and not having to worry about having so much money in my account.

“I also mentor youths and a lot of people come to me for help with school fees and other things; and it often breaks my heart that I’m not able to help as much as I would have wanted to.”

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